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Gizzls CBD Treats for dogs and cats are hand baked with love from start to finish. 

  • 100% natural, made with organic, locally and ethically sourced ingredients only

  • Free from gluten, corn and wheat, no artificial preservatives or additives

  • Suggested dosages are included on packaging


We can also custom-bake treats depending on your animals ailment. More severe ailments may require a treat with a stronger dose. For pets with cancer, we can offer a stronger, more effective treatment.

Please note: We respond within a couple hours, so if you do not receive an email response, please check your spam folder. Prices exclude door-to-door courier costs (calculated at check out).

Gizzls Full-spectrum 1000MG CBD Oil with Turmeric

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Our full-spectrum 1000MG CBD oil with turmeric oil is a proprietary blend created to specifically target inflammation and joint pain.

Combining turmeric and full-spectrum CBD oil is definitely a match made in heaven. Curcumin is the magical active ingredient which gives turmeric its antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can play a huge role in strengthening your pet’s immune system. Both ingredients can help reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and decrease painful symptoms. Like turmeric, CBD oil promotes joint functionality and reduces inflammation.

Gizzls CBD Oil has been lab-tested to ensure purity and blended with hemp seed oil, as it's high in whole fatty acids and minerals for added healing and easily adsorbed.

**Shake well before use and store at room temperature in a dark place**

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