How CBD manages anxiety and turned this pup's life around

Bea adopted her dog Maisey about a year ago. Before she came to live with her new mum, Maisey had never been inside a home before. As a result, Maisey was bundle of nerves from the get-go, but Bea thought that Maisey was simply getting used to her new surrounding.

It turns out that, like her mom, Maisey was having difficulty dealing with the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Maisey was picking up on her mom's stress levels which in turn made her more stressed.

"I think she was more stressed because I was more stressed. She was really frazzled by everything!"

What was it about Maisey's behaviour that made you realise something was wrong?

"My bed is high enough that she can stick her head underneath it but not her whole body, so she would stick her head underneath the bed constantly whenever she felt stressed.

One thing that was really hard dealing with was that whenever we would go outside, she would feel really overwhelmed. For example, if we were out for a walk and then hear a sudden noise, she would start to pull on her collar and kind of choke herself. She would just be so stressed out by different environmental factors that she didn't want to go out anymore. There